The Leadership Team

Meeting on April 27th at 10:30 am

We invite you to attend our next meeting is this Saturday on April 27th at 10:30 am. As part of the meeting, we will again be offering a 30-45 minute training session this month. The topic is: Using the Baldrige Framework for Assessing Your Organizational Performance.

As before, we are holding this meeting as a simultaneous face-to-face meeting /remote web-meeting. We would love to have you participcate either in person or on the web meeting. We do take attendance for both venues and we do try to have discussions with those in the room and on the web meeting. Please make sure that if you log into the web session that you are set up to participate with access to the screen, microphone, and speaker. The application we use should also work on your cell phone.

The meeting will be held at 10:30 am at 8 Sorrento Drive, Osprey, Florida on Saturday, April 27, 2019. The meeting will be a combined 2019 ASQ update meeting, networking, and training event.

For web access, please contact: Nicole Jurczyk, ASQ Section 1530 Chair at: For those of you who attended the March meeting, the log on information and web link will be the same for these meetings throughout 2019.

Training Topic: Using the Baldrige Framework for Assessing Your Organizational Performance.

Training Summary: The presentation will introduce the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence and use the Baldrige Excellence Builder to give an overview of the more detailed Baldrige Excellence Framework. The Baldrige Framework is used to evaluate the nation's highest performing organizations in Health Care, Education, Service, Manufacturing, Small Business, Nonprofit, and Government.

Speaker Bio: Tedd Snyder, of Snyder Consulting & Associates, was introduced to organizational excellence while working for Florida Power & Light in the 1980s when they became the first company outside of Japan to be recognized with Japan's Deming Prize. Since then, Tedd has served in a variety of roles with the Wisconsin Forward Award since it began in 1998 and has been an examiner for the national Baldrige award since 2007. Tedd has volunteered with Performance Excellence Northwest since 2009 where he currently serves as a judge for the award.


2019 ASQ Section 1530 Chair Appointed

The ASQ Southwest Florida Section 1530 is proud to announce the appointment of Nicole Jurczyk, MS, MBA, CPEA as our new Section 1530 Chair. Nicole has a long history of supporting the global mission of ASQ to become the voice of quality across the continuum. Nicole brings a wealth of expertise and experience that can facilitate our Section's vision to help operationalize the ASQ mission in South Florida.

Nicole began her affiliation with the Delaware Section. She served as Chair Elect (2003) and then Vice Chair (2004) in Delaware. She joined our SW Florida Section 1530 in 2017; and served as SW Florida Section Auditing Chair in 2018.

Nicole’s quality expertise and executive leadership experience was developed through her career as a quality auditor, consultant, and trainer addressing the needs of a diverse array of global organizations related to Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety, and Product Stewardship Management Systems.

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